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English for Higher Education (EHE)


Award Title : English for Higher Education (EHE)
Duration : 48 weeks
Course Delivery : Online


Available online, English for Higher Education is a 12 month online English language training program designed for working professionals. The online EHE program gives you the flexibility to create your own study schedules with Australian English language educators delivering curriculum that is contextualized for students working in the healthcare industry. Tailored and personalised support is also available when you need it.

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This online course is designed to improve your level of English from a Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), B2 to C1.

Every 4 weeks, students are required to complete a summative assessment task with a total of 12 summative assessment tasks throughout the course. Each week we recommend you complete 6 to 8 hours of self-directed learning along with 2 hours of online teacher support.

Support on a regular basis will be provided by a well-qualified and experienced teacher. Students are advised to use the recommended text books for this course.

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